A Welcome Letter From Our Founders

Think about the last time you needed something new and hopped online to check it off your to-do list. You typed it into Google search, checked out a few sites, and made your selection. But then ... there’s that nagging feeling: Could you find a coupon code if you looked a little harder? A better deal if you clicked around a little longer? A better price if you wait for a sale?

Online shopping makes life simpler and easier. Except when it doesn’t.

We started Honey because we believe in efficiency and transparency. And we were frustrated that those values seemed to be sorely lacking from something that had become so central to our daily lives.

We aren’t die-hard coupon clippers. Or even shopping experts. We’re two guys who noticed that while retail technology was getting smarter and more sophisticated all the time, nobody seemed to be thinking much about how technology could benefit the people on the other end of the transaction.

So we decided to do something about it.

Fast forward five years later, and that core belief—that shoppers need someone to have their backs in the wild world of e-commerce—has turned into a thriving company. We were two guys with an idea, hacking together a prototype after our kids went to sleep and before our “real jobs” started. Now we’re a team of over 100 based in downtown Los Angeles on a quest to create a better way to shop online.


Building a New Ecosystem—Honey Style

We live in a world of noise and clutter and endless distractions. So it’s increasingly important to be selective about how we spend our time and energy. And even more important to stop, think, and ask ourselves whether something is worth our time in the first place—or whether it might be better to approach it in an entirely different way.

Around our offices, we call this line of thinking doing things “Honey style.”

It applies to the way we hire, the way we run our meetings, and the way we plan our product roadmap.

As we develop new features, such as the Honey Gold Rewards Program (where merchants pay you to shop) and Droplist (which lets you track price changes on your favorite items), we’re constantly asking ourselves what aspects of the way we currently buy things online exist just because nobody’s thought to question them yet.

And, as it turns out, by doing things “Honey style” for ourselves, we’re making life a little easier for retailers, too. Online shops want people to find the deals they’re offering; helping them reach you at the moment it matters is a win-win.


Just Getting Started

It’s been a wild ride, and we’re just getting started. We’ve grown to over 5 million Honey members. Found coupons at more than 21,000 sites. Added a slew of new features, with even more around the corner. And we’ve helped you save over $213 million in the process – this year alone.

We’re excited to launch our blog today, and to have a chance to share what we’re up to more often and more in-depth. This is the place where we’ll explain new product updates, ask for your feedback, and hand over the mic to the rest of the awesome, creative people who work here.

Whether you’re interested in what it takes to build technology that helps millions of people on a daily basis, or just curious about what products we’ll release next, we hope you’ll join us and follow along.

So we can all start shopping smarter, together.

George + Ryan

Fall Savings with Honey

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