Droplist price setting is now available

Last year, we launched a feature called Droplist - a new way to track price drops on items you’re dying to have (at a lower price.) Over 1M Honey members have already adopted the feature having added over $1 billion (!!) worth of items to their Droplists.

At Honey, we believe that developing product is like creating art, and according to Leonardo di Vinci, “Art is never finished, only abandoned.” Since we don’t intend on abandoning our product features any time soon, we must continue to make them bigger and better for our 8M+ users.

So what’s new? On any merchant partner site where Droplist is enabled, our members can now set their own alert threshold. Meaning, you won’t get emailed about a price drop until it’s low enough for you to want to buy it.

How it works

  1. Find the Honey Droplist button on top sites (you’ll need Honey installed)

  2. Click Add to Droplist, then tell Honey how long to watch for price drops and at what price you want to be alerted.

  3. Sit back and relax—we’ll email you the instant there’s a deal.


Managing your price settings

Decide you want to spend less or that you’re willing to spend a little more? Members can manage price settings for each item directly from their Droplist on joinhoney.com. First, select the item you want to update in your Droplist. From the product page, hover over the “Droplisted for X days” button, and click on the edit icon next to the price to adjust. That’s it!


What’s next?

We’re working on rolling out Droplist to more and more stores. Have a suggestion? Let us know!

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