Top 10 Trending Baby Deals for November 2019
Why is it trending? 
In order to determine this list we look at three factors:
  1. Is the item discounted off of the original price and by how much?
  2. Has there been a recent price drop?
  3. What does the aggregate shopping behavior of Honey users tell us about the popularity of this product?
Using these data points, our custom algorithm dynamically updates the list.

There was a $9.80 price reduction, bringing the price down to $10.50, resulting in savings of 48%. There are also 24 promo codes for the retailer, Belk, to help you find additional savings.

Oct 20Oct 26Nov 1Nov 7Nov 13Nov 19$8.00$11.00$14.00$17.00$20.00$23.00

Baby Deals, Offers, and Tips

How Can I Save on Baby Products? - Parents have many products they need for their newborn and growing child, so subscription services like Amazon Family,,, and Target are some of the big brand retailers offering subscription services. These retailers have a vast selection of items to fulfill yours and your baby's needs, all with a savings of 15 to 20%. By registering for a subscription service, delivery of everything from diapers, grooming kits, and clothes is made easy. If you receive newsletters for the subscription service, opting out of those can reduce your temptation to shop for more than you've already subscribed for—unless, you really need it.

Which Stores Have Used or Slightly-Worn Clothing and Gear? - Merchants, Mercari, and ThredUp all have previously worn or slightly used baby and kids clothing available. They also offer the option for you to sell your child's used clothing in return for a share of the profit. Buying used is an effortless way to save money while buying stylish and comfortable clothing for your baby.

What Items Should I Invest In? - Some products can be multi-functional, and worth the splurge. These items include those that you will be using most frequently, and will also provide safety and comfort for your baby, and you, with piece-of-mind. Some of the suggested big-ticket items worth the splurge are: a car seat, stroller, the carrier, the play pin or pack N play, swaddle blankets, burp cloths, and grooming tools—like nail clippers, a thermometer, bulb syringe, and gripe water (for those particularly fussy moments).
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