Top 5 Trending Desktop Computer Deals for November 2019
Why is it trending? 
In order to determine this list we look at three factors:
  1. Is the item discounted off of the original price and by how much?
  2. Has there been a recent price drop?
  3. What does the aggregate shopping behavior of Honey users tell us about the popularity of this product?
Using these data points, our custom algorithm dynamically updates the list.

There was a $100.00 price reduction, bringing the price down to $299.00, resulting in savings of 25%.

Oct 20Oct 26Nov 1Nov 7Nov 13Nov 19$286.00$309.00$332.00$355.00$378.00$401.00

Desktop Computer Deals, Offers, and Tips

Is Buying Used a Reliable Option? - Refurbished computers are those that have undergone repairs due to minor issues, versus used computers are merely those that have had a previous owner and may be in working condition, but have some minor wear and tear. By purchasing a used or refurbished computer you can save up to a few hundred dollars or more, on your favorite models. Dell, Apple, and Lenovo, just some of the major computer brands, have refurbished models of their desktop computers available on their websites. When you buy a refurbished computer, you may inherit a shorter warranty, so be sure to ask questions before buying. When buying used, retailer B&H has an excellent selection of used computers, ranging from desktop to all-in-one computers, and the Mac Mini. To make choosing the right product easier and in the best quality, B&H also has a grade scale included with each product that measures the computer's condition. As for new computer models, they become available at different times of the year, however, most of the deals you will find for them will be in November and December.

Which Stores Have a Trade-In Option? - Merchants and retailers such as Dell and Best Buy have buy-back or trade-in programs that allow you to estimate your computer's value based on a series of attributes, such as, the computer type or brand, it's working condition, and additional accessories or features that are included with it. Once your estimate is complete, you can choose to receive a credit towards a new item or receive a gift card or store credit for your purchase. With Best Buy, you can trade in your desktop computer in return for a Best Buy gift card redeemable towards your Best Buy purchase. Dell has a similar program available, and your trade-in value can be used towards your new Dell purchase, or be redeemed in the form of an Amazon gift card or to a PayPal account.

Ways To Save on a Desktop computer, and Not Compromise on Quality - When it comes to purchasing your desktop computer, consider what will be the primary use of your computer. For instance, if your primary focus will be browsing the internet, sending and receiving emails, or watching movies, 2GB of RAM is recommended. However, if you're going to be doing more professional work like photo or video editing, or gaming, RAM in the range of 16GB, becomes more necessary. For the everyday use, 4GB is a good minimum, and 8GB is a solid maximum for those that desire to have a little bit of extra space to surf the internet, and multi-task with no interruptions in your computer's speed, but may not be entirely necessary.

Other Ways to Save - Opt for a Lower Resolution and Slower Refresh Rate - Screen size for your desktop computer monitor can play a significant role in the price of a desktop computer, but what has the greatest impact on cost is the monitor's resolution and refresh rate. A larger screen will give you a greater workspace, but depending on the resolution and refresh rate in comparison to your work and purpose for use, you may inherit unnecessary or surplus space at an additional cost. The resolution determines the quality of the image you will be looking at, while this attribute increases the image quality of a computer, it's an area that you can choose to compromise on without sacrificing full functionality. In conjunction with screen quality, consider the refresh rate, as that is something you will likely want to consider before buying a monitor for gaming or other video related work. When it comes to the computer monitor size, if you are looking for a larger workspace for your daily emails, the occasional movie, and browsing the internet, there are monitors ranging in size from thirty to over forty inches all priced well under five-hundred dollars.
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