Top 10 Trending Luggage Deals for November 2019
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Why is it trending? 
In order to determine this list we look at three factors:
  1. Is the item discounted off of the original price and by how much?
  2. Has there been a recent price drop?
  3. What does the aggregate shopping behavior of Honey users tell us about the popularity of this product?
Using these data points, our custom algorithm dynamically updates the list.

There was a $230.01 price reduction, bringing the price down to $149.99, resulting in savings of 61%. There are also 11 promo codes for the retailer, eBags, to help you find additional savings.

Oct 20Oct 26Nov 1Nov 7Nov 13Nov 19$122.00$174.00$226.00$278.00$330.00$382.00

Luggage Deals, Offers, and Tips

Where Can I Buy Discounted Luggage? - There are many sites with major discounts and deals on great luggage. Try shopping at eBags, which typically offers deals of 25% off+ on luggage and bags. Backcountry is great for durable luggage for all types of purposes: be it backpacking in the woods, backpacking through Europe, or a carry-on for your next trip to Vegas—be sure to check out their deals and travel goods and supplies. For last season’s designer luggage sets, always check T.J.Maxx, Nordstrom Rack, and Overstock. They offer prior seasons’ brand new merchandise at highly discounted rates, to satisfy your fashion and your wallet’s needs.

Best Times to Buy Luggage - The best times to purchase your next suitcase or luggage items are in March and the end of July, as these are the times merchants are looking to get rid of their old merchandise, before the new styles hit the shelves. Great deals always pop up around Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well. Amazon offers great daily deals which can score you a great deal, and don’t forget about Amazon Prime day, which usually falls in July, for amazing discounts on popular items.

Is Smart Luggage Worth It? - With fashionable bags that now offer the perks of charging your phone, or even motoring you to your gate, you may be wondering if it’s worth the cost to splurge on high tech items. If you are willing to pay the extra buck and will actually remember to charge your bag, AND you make sure that any battery packs are removable so your luggage will be allowed on your flight, then go ahead. Multiple airlines require you to remove your battery from your bag, and if you check your bag, you have to carry the battery pack with you in your carry-on. Since you have to remove it from your luggage anyway, it shows it can be more cost effective to purchase a separate power bank, and keep that with you to keep your devices charged and ready. And maybe skip the smart luggage until your current suitcase breaks down.
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