Top 10 Trending Paint Deals for November 2019
Why is it trending? 
In order to determine this list we look at three factors:
  1. Is the item discounted off of the original price and by how much?
  2. Has there been a recent price drop?
  3. What does the aggregate shopping behavior of Honey users tell us about the popularity of this product?
Using these data points, our custom algorithm dynamically updates the list.

There was a $21.10 price reduction, bringing the price down to $18.89, resulting in savings of 53%.

Oct 20Oct 26Nov 1Nov 7Nov 13Nov 19$16.00$21.00$26.00$31.00$36.00$41.00

Paint Deals, Offers, and Tips

Buy in Larger Quantities - If you will need more than 4-gallons of paint, opt for the 5-gallon container. On average 1-gallon of paint is thirty-dollars, and a 5-gallon container is about one-hundred twenty dollars, so when purchasing the 5-gallon container you will almost be getting a full-gallon free. Also, ask the associate at the paint retailer if there is a deal for buying larger quantities. Whether you are buying five gallons or ten, asking for the discount can save you some amount of money—which is always worth the ask.

Brands that Offer the Best Paint and Primer - The paint and primer or also commonly known as the self-primer serves its purpose dependent upon the surface you are painting. The conditions in which utilizing a paint and primer are if you are painting a surface has already been painted (with a similar color) or interior surfaces with low traffic or wear. The scenarios in which a separate primer is needed are if, you are painting a new drywall surface that is porous, making a drastic change in paint color, or changing the paint sheen, such as from glossy to flat, which can make it difficult for the new paint to adhere.

Consider the Surface you are Painting - Considering the room size, and the lighting and function of the space you will be painting is an essential determinant for the kind of paint you will need. For instance, is it a high traffic room or one with a lot of windows where sunlight comes through often? Considering these factors can help you determine the quality and type of paint to purchase for the room. Also, if it is a room with fresh dry-wall you will want to consider a separate primer, as this will allow your paint color to adhere to the walls more smoothly and evenly.
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