Top 10 Trending Tablet Deals for October 2019
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Tablet Deals, Offers, and Tips

Best Times to Buy a Tablet - With the exception of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, try not to purchase a tablet between November and January. This is often when consumers are buying gifts for the holidays and retailers take that into consideration. You will be more likely to find discounts if you wait 4 - 5 months after a new model has come out. Check out sites like Amazon, Walmart, eBuyer, and Costco! However, PC tablets tend to drop in price faster and at a steeper rate than Apple products. If you do want to buy the newest model on the market, buy it directly from the manufacturer. When a device is new they will offer the lowest price for several months.

Is it Cost Effective to Buy a Tablet With a Cellular Service Option? - All tablets include a Wi-Fi connection, which means that as long as you can access a Wi-Fi signal, your tablet can access the internet. However, if you need internet service where Wi-Fi isn’t available, you’ll need a tablet with a SIM card like a cellphone. These are usually more expensive than the Wi-Fi only equivalents. Also, you will need to purchase a cellular data plan which can leave you susceptible to overage charges. Unless you have the type of profession that may require access to the internet while on the road, like a realtor, you would likely be best served by skipping this option entirely.

However, if you do need 4G, then be sure to buy your tablet from the cellular network provider. They often offer special financing when you sign up for a monthly plan. You also may be able to tie your tablet to your phone plan for an even cheaper price.

Choosing a Tablet that is Perfect for You - Whether you’re shopping for the newest specs or a refurbished gem, shop smart by knowing what you need to get the tablet you want!

Display Size - Generally, smaller tablets are cheaper tablets. Screen size is measured diagonally from the top right corner to bottom left corner. 7-8 inches is typically considered to be best for those who mainly want to check their email, browse, or read books. A 9-10 inch tablet is better for those who are more interested in watching movies or playing games. There is also the option of a phone/tablet hybrid, playfully called a “phablet", that are often measured at about 5-7 inches.

eReaders - If you want a tablet that lets you read all your favorite books at any time, then a Kindle is usually the most popular and cheapest option. If you’re looking for more than books and want an amazing display for apps and videos, then the Kindle Fire HDX series may be worth checking out. The Kindle Fire usually clocks in at more than $100 less than it’s iPad equivalent. However, the iPad offers a much larger library of tablet-oriented apps.

Tablets For Kids - Tablets come in kid-sizes too - and with much lower price tags! Often they are specifically made for children with pre-loaded kid friendly content, educational apps, and sturdy construction. From ages 3-12 the Amazon Fire HD Kids series is a great place to start. You save up to $144 on a Fire HD 8 tablet and it comes with a 2-year warranty, a kid-safe browser, extensive parental control, and 1 year of FreeTime Unlimited which gives you access to over 20,000 kid-friendly apps!

Consider Refurbished - Refurbished tablets are usually either returns or units that initially failed a quality check. However, once the issue has been caught they are rebuilt to industry standards. Check out Best Buy, Amazon’s Certified Refurbished, or Apple’s Certified Refurbished sites to save!
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