Frequently Asked Questions

-What’s up with Honey’s Price Drop Protection on TripAdvisor?
If you made it this far then you’re one of the lucky few to participate in Honey’s experimental, still-in-beta Price Drop Protection program. Congrats! With Honey’s Price Drop Protection, you can book your hotel now with the confidence that you got the best deal. If you see the price drop between the date of purchase and your date of travel, contact us at and we’ll refund you the difference. We’re working to automate this process for you in the near future, but for the beta we can only handle manual claims. Note that this special is only valid when booking through TripAdvisor. You must also be a Honey member to participate (It’s the only way we can identify your booking and refund you the difference). Not a member, but wanna get this and more? Sign up by clicking the link in the top right of this page.

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