7 ways that Honey has saved online shoppers 2 billion dollars and counting

What’s better than getting a good deal? Simple. Knowing that you got the best deal possible. Honey makes it easy. Every time you shop. Meet the browser extension that 10 million savvy shoppers count on to get the lowest price. Not to mention, it couldn’t be any easier to use.

1. Honey searches millions of codes in seconds to find you the lowest price.

If there’s a better deal, Honey will find it. Honey searches the entire internet, tests every code for you, and filters out expired ones. Click once and Honey does its magic in seconds. Literally. In fact, looking for coupon codes on your own is so yesterday. If you’ve already found the best deal, Honey will let you know that too.

2. Installs in the time that it takes to read this

Honey doesn’t just save you money. It saves you time. You can install Honey with just two clicks. Once installed, Honey automatically appears at checkout on thousands of popular sites. It’s like your guardian angel that makes sure that you never over pay. It works with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge. The mobile app is coming soon.

3. Honey makes Amazon even better

Wait? Amazon is even a better deal? Honey has your back like that. Whenever you’re shopping on Amazon, the prices displayed may not always be the lowest available. That’s why Honey’s Best-Price Detection automatically compares different prices for you. It even factors in sales tax and shipping. Honey also displays an item’s price history so you can see if it’s the best time to buy.

4. Lower prices are just a notification away

Knowledge is everything. That’s why Honey’s Droplist lets you add your favorite items and set your desired price. Once the requirements are met, Honey will send you an email notification. Who does that? Honey’s Droplist works on sites like Amazon, Target, J.Crew, Saks Fifth Avenue, with more retailers being added all of the time.

5. Honey is totally free. Did we mention that it’s free?
Saving you money is kind of Honey’s thing. That’s why it’s free to install and use every time you shop. Besides, you have other things to think about. Like those new pumps.

6. 30,000 stores and counting.

It’s not just shoppers that are joining Honey’s ranks. More and more retailers are always signing up. Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart, Kohls, just to name a few. Chances are your favorite store, and maybe even all of them, are here. Or they will be soon.

7. 10M members and 90,000 five-star reviews can’t be wrong.
From flat screens to moisturizers, people love shopping for different things. But everyone loves to save. Honey’s rapidly growing numbers and glowing customer reviews speak for themselves. And they’re saying some really nice things.

Of course, there are more than seven reasons to love Honey. Like Honey Gold Rewards program, Honey Travel and points whenever you refer a friend. But like most amazing things, it’s best to experience Honey for yourself.

Try the :20 Honey demo at joinhoney.com. You can also save $5 to 50 percent off on your first purchase. Seriously, what’s not to love?

108,154 reviews
9,489,855 users saving time & money