Amazon Doesn't Always Show The Lowest Price— So This Genius App Does It For You.


These days we go to Amazon to get a good deal, but did you know that Amazon doesn't always show you the best price? Get this:

  • There are more than 5 million Amazon sellers worldwide.
  • On any given day there are over 353 million products being sold.
  • Competition between sellers means prices on Amazon change often.

Luckily, there’s Honey — a free browser extension that takes the guesswork out of Amazon.

Honey's Best Price Finder™ compares the prices of all sellers that carry the item you want. It even factors in stuff like shipping, sales tax and Prime status to make sure you're getting the lowest total price.

Right before checkout, Honey will let you know if there’s a better deal on the item you’re buying. In fact, Honey found the same Vitamix blender for $47 less by locating an Amazon seller that offers a lower price, charges less sales tax, AND includes free Prime shipping. Amazing, right?


Best part— it only takes two clicks to add to your browser and it's absolutely free. No more wondering if you got the best deal or seeing a better price later. Just add Honey once, and you'll never overpay on Amazon again.

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