How To Maximize Your Travel Savings with Honey

I love to travel, and if I could afford it I'd jetset to different destinations every weekend and holiday. Unfortunately, I also have a budget to stick to, so I make every dollar count and find savings wherever possible (including stockpiling those tiny shampoo bottles!).

That's why I really love Honey. It's a free browser add-on that automatically finds and tests coupon codes for all the popular travel sites, including Expedia, Orbitz, Marriott, and Travelocity. I seriously never book a trip without it.

Here’s how it works:

After installing Honey, start shopping for your trip as usual. Once you find a hotel or flight that works for you, add it to your cart and proceed to checkout. That’s when Honey pops up. Press the orange button and Honey will automatically test every available coupon code until it finds the best deal.

While booking a trip to Austin, I was able to save $133.11 on a three-night hotel booking at Orbitz thanks to Honey:


Same hotel, same amenities, same dates, just cheaper. Not bad considering it took zero effort.

Sometimes, Honey will even find exclusive promo codes that aren’t publicized. To scroll through all current codes while you shop, just click the h.


Honey doesn’t only work for booking hotels and flights—it can also save you money on fun things to do! One of my favorite frugal travel tips is to check Groupon for discounted vacation activities. In this case, I found a six-hour wine tour for two that was already a pretty good deal. At checkout, Honey popped up and found me a code for an additional 20% off!


One of the things I love most about Honey is how seamlessly it fits into my trip planning process. I can focus on the fun parts of planning, and feel confident that I didn’t miss out on a promo code or secret sale. I can also shop at the well-known sites I prefer using, instead of taking a chance on some sketchy travel agency website.

Give Honey a try by clicking the button below. Happy shopping :)

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