This free app can save you hundreds at your favorite stores

When it comes to beauty products, I can't get enough. As a self-proclaimed beauty junkie, I can't say no to a pretty eyeshadow palette or a buttery night cream. But here's the thing: I never pay full price.

My trick? Honey. It's a free browser app that automatically scans the Internet for every working voucher code while you're shopping online. Then at checkout, it magically applies the best deal to your order!

Here's how it works:
First, add Honey to your browser for free. You'll see a little "h" button appear in your toolbar. Shop normally, and Honey will work in the background to find all the latest and greatest vouchers.


Once you reach checkout, just sit back and relax as Honey tests every available voucher code and applies the best one. Here's how easy it was for me to save £16 at Boots:


£16 saved? Not bad, considering it took zero effort.

I've used Honey to save money on Sephora and Boots (obviously), but it's also found me savings from MAC, TopShop, Macy's, Boohoo, even Expedia. Sometimes, Honey will even find exclusive voucher codes that aren’t normally available to the public (um, hello, secret sales!).

So before you buy anything else online, do yourself a favor and try out this free tool. Your wallet will thank you.

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