You'll Never Order Pizza Without This App Again — Seriously


I’m going to share a story about how a free browser extension may have recently saved my college career.

One night, I was in my dorm room studying with my roommates. We’d been cramming all night, and hadn't eaten anything all day. So I pulled up Pizza Hut on my computer and began placing our order like usual. We were a litle short on money which wasn't new, so I started opening tabs to look for a coupon code that worked. Then one of my roommates told me that he discovered an app that finds coupon codes for you, called Honey

Honey is actually a free browser extension that finds and applies the best discount codes to your cart. I went to their site, it seemed legit, so I installed it to my Google Chrome browser in two clicks and hoped for the best.


To my surprise, Honey found a coupon code I didn't know about, and saved me more than $8 on my order – enough money to give the delivery guy a modest tip.

Still amazed, I checked to find out what else they offered.


I learned that Honey also has a rewards program called Honey Gold that allows you to earn gift cards when you shop at participating stores. The best part is that you don’t have to change the way you shop to get rewards.

There's really NO reason not to add Honey to your browser ASAP. It's free, takes just two clicks to join, and it can save you time and money on the stuff you're already buying — pizza included.

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