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Coolest WFH Sweats: Work Wardrobe Just Got Comfy

Sweats. Leisure wear. Tracksuits. Whatever you call them, there’s never been a better time to suit up in full-body cotton/terry than working from home. To be clear, we’re not talking about athleisure here: After just a few weeks of self isolating, body-hugging leggings feel more confining than ever.

Instead, we’re reveling in elastic waistbands, plush fabrics, and the coziness that can pass for proper outfits while video conferencing with co-workers. After wearing nothing but loungewear for weeks, we landed on a few favorites that we only want to take off to wash. See them below —  your work wardrobe is about to get more comfy.


Shop: American Giant Classic Full Zip, $108, available at American Giant

It’s hard to justify spending over a hundred dollars on something as pedestrian as a zip-up hoodie — until you get your hands on one made by American Giant, that is. The brand eschews a global source chain (and with it the king-sized carbon footprint and dubious labor practices) for a garment made in the USA with American-grown cotton. And yes, we said garment. Because unlike that collection of deformed hoodies we all own that succumbed to belled sleeves, wavy zippers and shoddy stitching, this rugged number reinforced with double-needle stitching, elbow patches and a double-lined hood keeps its structure. It may be the last hoodie we’ll ever need — and it’s worth every penny.

Women's Jogger Pants

Shop: American Giant Jogger Pant, $68, available at American Giant

We social distanced hard in these bad boys — wearing them to work from home and sleep for a solid 24 hours (okay, 36 — don’t judge). Turns out the slim fit matched with a 6.9 oz french-terry cotton is the perfect combination for stylish sweatpants that won’t twist around the ankles when tossing and turning during a fitful sleep and keeps us warm during chillier weather.

Me Undies Jogger

Shop: MeUndies Women’s Modal Jogger, $68 ($50 for members), available at MeUndies

Before living life in elastic waistbands, we may have never noticed the details that make lounge pants shine. Past super-soft fabric (in this case, a lightweight modal cotton that’s perfect for warmer months) and comfortable fit (a waistband or cuffed pant legs that don’t bunch), a killer pair of joggers (or as we’re now calling them workwear) needs a few other essentials. For starters, pockets should be big enough to contain the latest iPhone but not so big that said phone comes tumbling out into the dog’s water bowl when bending over to feed fido. Drawstrings should be generous so they don’t get sucked up into the waistband in the wash. Spy pockets prove so helpful for keeping track of your daily vitamin stash that you keep forgetting to take with a meal. These joggers tick all the boxes and, what’s more, are a better deal than other styles out there.

MeUndies Pants

Shop: MeUndies Men’s Lounge Pant, $68 ($50 for members), available at MeUndies

Take your most comfortable pair of modal underwear and spin them into a straight-legged lounge pant. Keep the boxer-style waistband but add a few phone-friendly front pockets. The end result: a pair of lounge pants that can be worn under more formal wear (and by that we mean jeans) without feeling too constrictive. Bonus: They also come in some of the most colorful party prints — Bicycles! Shamrocks! Stormtroopers! — which may be just the thing to make Friday afternoon video calls fun again.

Me Undies Pullover

Shop: MeUndies Modal Pullover Hoodie, $48 ($38 for members), available at MeUndies

Though MeUndies calls this a “hoodie,” but we reserve the term for something a little more robust. Still, this hooded long sleeve pulls off a pretty cool trick. Thanks to a slim fit and V-stitched detailing at the collar, it can pass for a proper hooded sweater on FaceTime. Another perk: Like all products from the brand, it’s sized for just about anyone, from small to 4XL.

Outdoor Voices Sweatpants

Shop: Outdoor Voices CloudKnit Sweatpants, $85, available at Outdoor Voices

Sure, we could see ourselves hiking, downward dogging, and running errands in these lightweight pants (available in men's and women's sizing), which are structured and opaque enough to not read as jammies. But plot twist: the spandex-poly fabric is so incredibly soft, it somehow feels every bit as luxurious as cashmere. That means whether we’re filling our days in a makeshift home office or cozying up on the couch, we only want to do it in these joggers. The downward dogs can wait

Outdoor Voices Hoodie

Shop: Outdoor Voices CloudKnit Hoodie, $85, available at Outdoor Voices

We’ve raved about this hoodie before. The stuff we originally loved about it (that ultra-soft fabric and a slim fit that manages to hold its shape and keep us from looking sloppy) still holds up months later. Even better, after several washings and is every bit as soft as it was one wear one. 

Best Sweats

Shop: Entireworld Men’s Brushed Sweatpants, $88, available at Entireworld

With fluffy-yet-durable cotton, happy colors, and a classic sweatpant cut, these bottoms are taking us back to the ‘80s, when the style was worn by actual athletes in training (you remember Rocky, right?) and color was king. Of course, there have been a few essential modern updates to the throwback style. To start, they’re made from organic cotton. The cut is more slim than anything that could be found back in the day and the bunched cuffs have considerably more give, making them the perfect thing to pair with Timberlands (or let’s face it, Ugg Boots) when suiting up for a post-workout brunch from home. 

Best White Tee

Shop: Entireworld Men’s Boxy T, $32, available at Entireworld

In a time when even the most reluctant of chefs have taken up comfort-food cooking, isn’t it nice to know boxy tees are making a comeback? This one is made with organic cotton and doesn’t have the kind of goofy, oversized pocket that typically adorns the style, plus it strikes the right balance of roominess without making you look like you’ve completely given up.

Best Tank

Shop: Entireworld High Neck Tank, $22, available at Entireworld

After weeks of wearing nothing but the coziest of clothes, it’s only natural to expect everything that touches your skin to be just as comfortable. And as the weather starts to warm up, we’re realizing our lightweight gear isn't up to snuff. Enter this tank: When sweatshirts prove too toasty, we reach for this silky-smooth ribbed cotton number, which is so light, it feels like we have nothing on.

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