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Tech Influencers

8 Female-Driven Tech Accounts to Follow

With the ubiquity of mobile games, streaming, online shopping, virtual hangouts, and the fact that we’re all carrying computers in our pockets, the line between tech Luddite and tech expert was blurred long ago.

You may not consider yourself a gamer, but that app you play while waiting for a coffee has a cult following online. Even with no programming experience, you can make a social media filter to keep your friends entertained. So, whether you consider yourself a tech connoisseur or have a more general interest in all things digital and science, we’ve found Instagram accounts that you’ll love. Add these eight women to your feed for a welcome addition of humor, career tips, social media hacks, productivity inspiration, graphic design tutorials, mind-blowing facts, and more. 


Photo: @codergirl_

If you’re learning to code or have long included “software engineer” on your resume, @codergirl_ warrants a follow for any programmers. Commiserate with her on a coding bug that’s left you stumped, how to navigate your team’s project debrief, or tips for working from home effectively.  

Photo: @aminatou

As a founder of the Tech LadyMafia community, Aminatou Sow began an important career conversation that many of us, whether working in tech or any other industry, try to avoid: pay. The co-host of the weekly podcast Call Your Girlfriend encourages her followers to tackle the topics we tend to run from, whether it’s mental health, Instagram-induced anxiety, or even taking the time to celebrate your joys. 


Photo: @omgitsfirefoxx

If you’ve got a countdown set for the release of the new Animal Crossing and spend a healthy chunk of time watching people on the internet play video games, you’ve found a friend in @omgitsfirefoxx. Follow her dispatches on gaming, tech, and the coolest cars this side of Mario Kart

Photo: @estefanniegg

Forget the puppy dog faces and heart eyes filters — there’s a genius and unique Instagram Stories filter idea within everyone. Programmer, computer scientist, and tinkerer extraordinaire @estafanniegg offers her followers tips on everything from creating your own filter to building cool projects with a Raspberry Pi.


Photo: @zoesugg

Small business owners, pay careful attention to this one. Create seriously stunning collages and videos with photo apps from @zoesugg. The blogger-turned-app mogul shares her hacks for using effects, filters, and designs that look like you paid a professional. 


Photo: @alieward

How do brain chemicals work? How is your favorite beer made? Why do humans need sleep? As host of the podcast Ologies, @alieward talks to “ologists” — experts in their fields about anything and will have you hanging on their every word. Catch her on the new Netflix show, 100 Humans.


Photo: @whitney

Once upon a time, the dating app landscape was bleak. DMs saw unsolicited unsavory pics of human parts, aggressive streams of consciousness, and so much ghosting. Then Whitney Wolfe Heard flipped the scene with Bumble, a dating app where women make the first move. The CEO of the $3 billion company is a new mom and advocate for legislation to end unsolicited nudes. 


Photo: @angeliatrinidad

Imagine a digital movement based on encouraging each other to invest in ourselves and value our potential. A bright spot in a feed of memes and politics is #pashfam, the brainchild of Angelia Trinidad, creator of #PassionPlanner, the agenda-goal-setter journal-gratitude log-sketchbook that inspires Instagrammers to self reflect and grow without judgment.

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