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33 Forever 21 Finds That Look Expensive
Diana Nguyen Aug 9, 2019
Mini TShirt Dress

Let's be honest: There's a lot to browse through at Forever 21. You have an endless athleisure section, a plethora of nightlife options, and even a men's department (you know, for that borrowed-from-the-boys look) — all for relatively affordable prices. But what happens when you want to look a little more elevated, timeless, and — dare we say it — expensive?

Believe it or not: You can look high fashion and casual at the same time...without a bunch of logos and brand names flashing across your body.

Take style cues from the runways, for example — voluminous sleeves and one-shoulder tops are having a major moment. For a more timeless look, opt for clean lines, textured details, and contrasting prints. You can pair a mustard-yellow ribbed jumpsuit with a faux leather moto jacket or opt for a sleek silk midi-skirt with a cotton tee or sweater. You won't just look like luxury — you'll feel like it, too.

Photo courtesy: Forever 21
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33 Forever 21 Finds That Look Expensive
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Shop: Puff-Sleeve Poplin Wrap Top, $25, available at Forever 21

Puff Sleeve Poplin Wrap Top 1080x1080
Wrap Top
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Shop: Satin Midi Skirt, $17.90, available at Forever 21

Satin Midi Skirt 1080x1080
Satin Skirt
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Shop: Cargo Straight-Leg Pants, $29.99, available at Forever 21

Cargo Straight Leg Pants 1080x1080
Cargo Pants
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Shop: Textured Striped Blazer, $18, available at Forever 21

Textured Striped Blazer 1080x1080
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Shop: 2-in-1 Clear Bucket Tote, $18.99, available at Forever 21

2-in-1 Clear Bucket Tote 1080x1080
Bucket Tote
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Shop: Plus Size Draped Cardigan, $27.99, available at Forever 21

Plus Size Draped Cardigan 1080x1080
Draped Cardigan
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Shop: Sleeveless Wrap Jumpsuit, $29.99, available at Forever 21

Sleeveless Wrap Jumpsuit 1080x1080
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Shop: Ball Knit Sweater, $35, available at Forever 21

Ball Knit Sweater 1080x1080
Knit Sweater
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Shop: Ribbed Surplice Culotte Jumpsuit, $25, available at Forever 21

Ribbed Jumpsuit
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Shop: Faux Leather Moto Combo Jacket, $27.99, available at Forever 21

Faux Leather Moto Combo Jacket 1080x1080
Moto Jacket
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Shop: Keyhole Back Midi Dress, $24.99, available at Forever 21

Keyhole Back Midi Dress 1080x1080
Midi Dress
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Shop: Sheer Organza Shirt, $22.99, available at Forever 21

Sheer Organza Shirt 1080x1080
Sheer Shirt
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Shop: Sheer Puff-Sleeve Bodysuit, $18, available at Forever 21

Sheer Puff Sleeve Bodysuit 1080x1080
Puffy Sleeve Bodysuit
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Shop: Bow Accent T-Shirt Dress, $22, available at Forever 21

Bow Accent T-Shirt Dress 1080x1080
Bow Dress
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Shop: Plus Size Distressed Sweater, $28, available at Forever 21

Plus Size Distressed Sweater 1080x1080
Distressed Sweater
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Shop: Faux Suede Cutout Mules, $19.90, available at Forever 21

Faux Suede Cutout Mules 1080x1080
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Shop: Assorted Ear Cuff & Stud Earring Set, $5.99, available at Forever 21

Assorted Ear Cuff 1080x1080
Earring Set
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Shop: Tweed Buffalo Plaid Mini Skirt, $19.99, available at Forever 21

Tweed Buffalo Plaid Mini Skirt 1080x1080
Tweed Skirt
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Shop: Floral Print Satin Midi Skirt, $19.99, available at Forever 21

Floral Print Satin Midi Skirt 1080x1080
Print Skirt
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Shop: Satin Cheetah Print Dress, $25, available at Forever 21

Satin Cheetah Print Dress 1080x1080
Satin Dress
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Shop: Paperbag Straight-Leg Jeans, $25, available at Forever 21

Paperbag Straight Leg Jeans 1080x1080
High-Waist Jeans
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Shop: Faux Leather Western Booties, $32, available at Forever 21

Faux Leather Western Booties 1080x1080
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Shop: Organza Sweater-Knit Top, $28, available at Forever 21

Organza Sweater Knit Top 1080x1080
Organza Top
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Shop: Ribbed Button-Down Sweater Dress, $24.99, available at Forever 21

Ribbed Button Down Sweater Dress 1080x1080
Sweater Dress
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Shop: Faux Leather Backpack, $34.99, available at Forever 21

Faux Leather Backpack 1080x1080
Leather Backpack
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Shop: Pussycat Bow Button-Front Shirt, $17.99, available at Forever 21

Pussycat Bow 1080x1080
Bow Shirt
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Shop: One-Shoulder Drapey Top, $38, available at Forever 21

One Shoulder Drapey Top 1080x1080
One Shoulder Top
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Shop: Balloon-Sleeve Sweater, $17.99, available at Forever 21

Balloon Sleeve Sweater 1080x1080
Cotton Sweater
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Shop: Knee-Length T-Shirt Dress, $12.99, available at Forever 21

Knee Length T-Shirt Dress 1080x1080
Knee-Length Dress
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Shop: Floral Self-Tie Cami Jumpsuit, $24.99, available at Forever 21

Floral Self Tie Cami Jumpsuit 1080x1080
Floral Jumpsuit
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Shop: Missguided Lace-Hem Blazer Dress, $65, available at Forever 21

Missguided Lace Hem Blazer Dress 1080x1080
Blazer Dress
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Shop: Mini T-Shirt Dress, $32, available at Forever 21

Mini TShirt Dress 1080x1080
Boxy Dress
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Shop: Striped Puff-Sleeve Top, $12, available at Forever 21

Striped Puff Sleeve 1080x1080
Striped Shirt