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July Streaming Releases

Stream, Skip, Buy: July 2019 Movie Releases

With a long holiday weekend comes a lot more time to binge-watch the latest and greatest. What exactly should you prioritize this month? In another edition of "Stream, Skip, Buy," we review the most hyped movies to be released on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime in July. Some are worth the stream; others deserve to be skipped — and, every once in awhile, there's a film so good that it's worth an additional purchase.

This month, we have another young adult rom-com, courtesy of Netflix and its golden child Noah Centineo. However, if you only have room in your heart for one romantic comedy, let it be Time Freak, starring Sophie Turner and Asa Butterfield.

If blood and paranoia are more your jam — or action and suspense or even politics — there's definitely something this month for everyone to watch what they want. To see which movies you should skip, stream, or buy, keep reading.

Swiped: Stream

Out: July 1 on Netflix

Who's ready for their monthly Noah Centineo fix? Netflix's golden boy is back at it again. This time, he's not quite the genius dating-app developer who propels the plot forward with his need to pay his way through college — no, that was The Perfect Date (another Netflix rom-com). In Swiped, he plays that character's roommate. Big. Difference. Obviously. Hey, if the story ain't broke, why fix it? He's still just as charming, if not more. For fans, that fact in itself makes this flick worth it.

Under the Silver Lake: Skip

Out: July 1 on Amazon Prime

There's mystery, ominous undertones, and frolicking around Los Angeles. If the psychological thriller The Number 23 (featuring Jim Carrey) and La La Land (starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone) had a movie baby, it would be this neo-noir indie. Andrew Garfield's character, the prototypical oddball, encounters a mysterious woman who suddenly disappears. Of course, he attempts to follow her, breaking codes he thinks are clues and finding purpose along the way. The ambitious plot is admirable, but unless you have endless patience, this movie will ultimately lead to a let-down.

The Brink: Stream

Out: July 4 on Hulu

There's nothing like celebrating Independence Day than by watching a documentary about one of the nation's most polarizing figures, Steve Bannon. No matter your politics, you may feel either enchanted or chilled (or both) by the wheelings and dealings of the former White House chief strategist. The film follows Bannon through the mid-term elections, observing his power and methodology of spreading extreme right-wing agenda. It's interesting — if not, informative, about today's politics — to say the least.

Mary Poppins Returns: Buy

Out: July 9 on Netflix

It may not have lived up to the hype, but Emily Blunt did a masterful job at reprising the role of Mary Poppins in the 2018 iteration of the Disney classic. Admittedly, the Julie Andrews-led version supersedes its modern counterpart in song and chemistry — the first version of anything is hard to beat, after all. The newer movie may lean too heavily on CGI, but the acting and direction are just as classy as the original flick. With Disney working to launch its own streaming service, your favorite films may not be available soon. For that reason, we encourage you to buy this one.

Buy: Mary Poppins Returns, $14.99

Point Blank: Stream

Out: July 12 on Netflix

There's no motivation like the safety and security of your nearest and dearest. So when an E.R. nurse, played by Anthony Mackie — a.k.a. Sam Wilson a.k.a. Falcon from the Marvel universe — needs to rescue his pregnant wife from dangerous gangsters and corrupt cops, he'll team up with a career criminal to do so. Sound a little unrealistic? Aren't all action thrillers? That's what makes them fun to watch.

Trading Paint: Stream

Out: July 19 on Amazon Prime

John Travolta gets gritty — literally, his character is one-half of a father-son racing duo. When the wins fall short and a rival poaches his son (Toby Sebastian), tensions flare and familial ties are tested. It's not the most innovative storyline, but it's worth watching a Hollywood vet like Travolta take on a Southern twang.

Time Freak: Stream

Out: July 21 on Amazon Prime

If you're going to watch only one rom-com this month, make it this one. Asa Butterfield's character gets dumped by the, yes, the Sophie Turner — you know [spoiler] Queen Sansa of Game of Thrones fame. Of course, hearts break, and the young genius creates a time machine to do it all over again, turning back time to ensure every opportunity goes right. Of course, like all great romantic comedies, calculations get muddled, technology breaks, and hi-jinks ensue — but it's just as sweet on both sides of the equation.

I Trapped the Devil: Stream

Out: July 26 on Hulu

If one enjoys the horror-thriller genre, then this writer would be so inclined to suggest this flick for a scary stream. However, if one is easy to shake in fear at the thought of the devil incarnate or a crazy estranged brother who thinks he caught the devil in his basement, please refrain from clouding your dreams of scenes from this movie. It'll get your heart racing either way.

Apollo 11: Buy

Out: July 29 on Amazon Prime

For those conspiracy theorists who believe we never landed on the moon, director Todd Douglas Miller provides 93 minutes of cinematic artistry that proves otherwise. The documentary captures America's fascination with space exploration and shows never-been-seen footage of the journey there. You could wait 'til the end of the month to watch it for free, or you could own a little piece of history. We vote the latter.

Buy: Apollo 11, $14.99