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MrBeast Talks Weirdest Splurges and Feeling "Numb to Money"

Honey Staff | May 16, 2019
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There's one word that inundates the comments section of Jimmy Donaldson's YouTube page.


If you're a fan of the YouTube creator (and Honey partner), you already know why more than 18 million people subscribe to his channel. If you're not familiar with "YouTube's biggest philanthropist," Jimmy, a.k.a. MrBeast, gives away money like pieces of gum. You, Twitch streamer, get $10,000. You, restaurant server, get $10,000. You, pizza delivery dude, get $10,000. When it comes to gift giving, the 21-year-old North Carolina native is like the Oprah of YouTube...except his videos run the gamut of randomness. 

"There's not even a slight bit of coherency," he shares with Honey in an exclusive interview. 

To get inside the mind of the uber-successful creator, we asked him 20 questions about his start as a 12-year-old YouTube fan, his career trajectory and goals, and why exactly he does what he does. 

"One of the reasons I like giving away money is I just like to see how people react," says MrBeast. "When you just hand someone $10,000 — like, 'It's yours' — what do they do, you know? Some people don't believe you. Some people think it's fake. It's just fun."

For more fun, watch the video above.