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Honey Sessions: SpreadFashion, a.k.a. Ellen Kim, Breaks Down Cool Mom Style

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These days, it's hard enough to pull yourself off the couch, out of sweats, and into open air. Now, imagine if you were a new mom...oh, the struggle. As you will learn in today's Honey Sessions, a little — we're talking minimal — effort can go a long way. Take it from style content creator and Sessions Lead Ellen Kim (yep, the one and only @spreadfashion).

The new mama is known for her LA-friendly, casual, luxe style, which comes in particularly handy when you need to look put-together and out the door, stat. "Whether you're a new mom like me, or just really busy with school, work, or whatever it is that life kind of throws at us, I think we [could] all use some tips on how feel and look great — and confident — in just a matter of minutes," says Kim.

Watch her Sessions to perfect cool mom or, just overall, cool-casual style.

I. Class Materials

To prepare for this Session, you'll need a few essentials. Here, Ellen breaks down her must-haves.

You're probably already living in something low key. "Biker shorts and a sweater are some things I'm usually already wearing," says Kim. "These pieces are really easy to transition from inside the house to going out. You can keep a neutral crewneck sweater or sweatshirt in heavy rotation.

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Comfy Sweatshirt

The biker short is seeing a strong comeback. This '80s trend helps make the lower body appear slimmer, which may boost confidence, if you need it. Elevate the look with a faux leather fabric.

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Spanx Biker Shorts

The easiest way to look alive after a sleepless night? "Moisturizer is going to keep your face nice and hydrated and feeling really fresh," says Kim. Opt for a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid, which holds 1,000 times its weight in water. More water, more hydration.

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Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid

"Sneakers are a really great way to be stylish without sacrificing comfort," advises Kim. Whether you go the dad style or the skater route, make sure to pair the shoe with a feminine outfit to create contrast.

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Vans Sneaker

Last but not least, layer on gold accessories. "Jewelry is really going to make your outfit come together," says Kim. "It'll make you feel a little more dressed up." Mix some dainty chains with chunky necklaces for full effect.

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Mejuri Necklace
II. Master in Minutes

Now that you have everything you need to ace the look, let's move on to technique. "I'm going to show you how to transition from a sleepless mess to effortlessly chic," says Kim. And, yes, you can do this part in a few minutes, too.

"The secret is in layering," says Kim.

At home, you're probably already lounging in some kind of leggings or biker shorts and a tee. For this outfit recreation, "you can use any kind of neutral sweater and, of course, just your basic bike shorts," says the Sessions lead. To look street-style ready, just perfect the technique of layering add-ons with your clothes, accessories, and even beauty routine. In the wardrobe department, an oversized sweater or sweatshirt is all that is needed to contrast against the body-hugging silhouette of your bikers shorts or leggings. Add some sneaks and you'll be styling comfortably.

Your beauty routine is just as easy. It all starts with hydrating moisturizer; bonus points if the ingredients include hyaluronic acid. With a dewy, fresh base, any extra makeup will look effortless...rather than caked on. "With your moisturized skin, a little bit of SPF, bronzer, and blush, and you're ready to go," instructs Kim. "Don't forget to use Honey on these items!"

Lastly, jewelry — layering on a few chains of dainty and chunky necklaces will help your super-casual look feel more thought out and, let's face it, fancy. And, again, it takes less than a minute.

III. Pop Quiz

Our Sessions lead answers a few of the most common questions about cool-mom style.

Expensive Beauty Products: Do they work better than affordable brands? "Absolutely not," says Kim. Skin care is a completely personal journey. What works for Kim may not work for someone else who may have a different skin type. That's why it's important to know what ingredients work for you and to read ingredient lists anytime you're purchasing beauty products.

Sneaker Style: Dad sneakers are still thing but may be intimidating to some. Kim's advice: floral or feminine dresses and skirts. The sporty look of sneakers, with the femininity of a dress or skirt, helps to create a look with a lot of dimension — despite how easy it was to put on.

Go-To Accessory: Call it a case of new-mom brain, but if you're like Kim and never know what time it is, a watch is your best bet. A shiny stunner on the wrist also helps up the sophistication level.

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