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15 Genius Gift Ideas for Coworkers You Actually Like
Taylor Stephan Nov 12, 2019
Holiday Gift Ideas for Coworkers

If you haven't already, you’d be wise to get going on your holiday shopping. While your list already consists of close family members and best friends, don’t you dare forget your beloved coworkers. After all, they do play a pretty big role in your day-to-day, so show ‘em some love!

The idea is to get them something they’re actually going to use, but nothing that’s too personal or expensive. They’re your pals, but not your family, so you’ve got to keep whatever you pick out PC and HR-approved. Our advice: Let their personality guide you. Maybe a funny coffee mug will brighten their day or maybe they’re always primping in between meetings, so a holiday beauty set fits the bill. In the case that their pet is basically their child, a present for their furbaby is your best bet. You’ll get the hang of it. 

To find the best picks for your favorite cube mates, we’ve got you covered with this list.


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15 Genius Gift Ideas for Coworkers You Actually Like
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We all have that one coworker that’s a little extra. At first you might not have been sure about them, but they won you over, and here you are shopping for them. They’re the picky type so a luxury hand cream set from The Body Shop that’s both high quality and holiday-season-approved is just the right move. 

Shop: The Body Shop Hand Cream Crackers Gift Set, $25, available at The Body Shop

Holiday Gift Guide Ideas for Coworkers Body Lotion
For Your Pampered Pal
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This co-worker in particular is always down for an after work get together. No need for a birthday, holiday weekend, or anything of the sort, they’re someone you can count on for a good time. Enter this ideal gifting option: a customizable wine glass. It’s fun, it’s practical, and it shows you’re paying attention. How can they not love it? 

Shop: Make Your Own Statement Wine Glass, $12.99, available at Shutterfly

Holiday Gift Ideas for Coworkers Glass
For Your Happy Hour PIC
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Let’s face it: Your work life would be a lot less fun without this person. They’re not dramatic, but, man, do they seem to always be the first to know all the hot office gossip and spill the tea. In secret, you love it. They keep you in the loop. Be a pal and help them keep the tea hot and ready with a chic mug for their desk. 

Shop: Patterned Porcelain Cup, $5.99, available at H&M

Holiday Gift Ideas for Coworkers Coffee Cup
For the Office Telephone
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Can’t forget your crystal-loving, zen-spirational work neighbor that always has a way of talking you down when you’re on the edge. Oh, how you appreciate their calming energy! Or maybe you’re that person for them. Regardless, this set of energy clearing chakra stones will never be a wasted gift. 

Shop: Chakra Stones 7 Pack, $12.99, available at Cost Plus World Market

Holiday Gift Ideas for Coworkers Crystals
For the Positive Viber 
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You — you’re lucky if you have time to look in the mirror before rolling into the office. But your glam cube mate does not seem to have this problem. Somehow, day after day, they look pulled-together. For a token they’ll surely appreciate, look in the direction of beauty. This roll-on glitter gloss set is only $14. Oh, and it comes in three delectable flavors: dreamy watermelon, magic strawberry, and yummy bubblegum. 

Shop: Blossom 3-Pack Unicorn Lip Gloss, $13.95, available at PacSun

Gift Ideas for Coworkers Beauty Products
For the Glam Queen 
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Calling all plant moms and dads — we see you and we salute you. As you know, plant parents take their plant babies seriously. They can never have too many. Chances are this won’t be their first potted succulent, but, oh, will they be excited to add another member to their little desk fam. 

Shop: Potted Faux Single Succulent Plant, $29.95, available at Crate&Barrel

Holiday Gift Idea Plant
For the Plant Parent 
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Remember butterfly clips? We sure do. Well, think of these as an updated, very current version of those. These Damn and Icon crystal-embellished pins aren't for the under-the-radar types. Let’s just say this is a gift best reserved for your flashiest of friends.

Shop: Asos Design Pack of 2 Crystal Hair Clips in Damn and Icon Slogan, $10.50, at Asos

Hair Clip Gift Idea
For the Star
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Truth be told your favorite office bestie is a little weird. Maybe it’s their personality. Maybe it’s their sense of fashion. Maybe it’s a little bit of both. Regardless, you love ‘em for who they are. So this holiday season, why not encourage their flair for the dramatic with a pair of bold red leopard socks. Is it just us or are these kind of festive, too? 

Shop: Leopard Print Short Socks, $7.50, available at Levi’s

Holiday Gift Ideas for Coworkers Socks
For Your Quirky Friend 
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Maybe your work BFF is on a health kick or maybe they love hunkering down at home and going full-on Martha Stewart in the kitchen. If your pal has their sights set on the DIY healthy-living lifestyle, this herb growing set not only makes sense as a gift, it’s thoughtful. Aren’t you so sweet? 

Shop: Trowel & Sprout Organic Herb Grow Kits Set of 3, $38.97, available at Cost Plus World Market

Herbs Plants
For the Home Chef 
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Your desk mate is such a fashion plate. Every day, they come in looking like a million bucks. It’s admirable, really, but when it comes to getting them a holiday gift, you’re stumped. Our advice: Don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Get them something classic and useful. Much like this low-key high-quality plaid scarf for under $20. 

Shop: J.Crew Factory Classic Plaid Scarf, $19.50, available at J.Crew Factory

Scarf Holiday Gift
For Your Fashion Friend
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It doesn't matter how organized you are or are not, a daily planner makes everyone’s lives easier. Perhaps your boss bae bestie is the planner type already. In that case, this is a gift that will speak to them. If not, the randomly cute hedgehog on the cover is a nice way to ease ‘em into adulthood. 

Shop: Recollections Creative Year Medium Hedgehog Spiral Planner, $20.99, available at Michaels

Planner Gift Idea
For the Organizing Guru 
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You’ve gotten to know this friend well enough to know that their pet is basically their child. They’re not wrong for loving their cat as much as they do and you support them. To spread some holiday cheer in their direction, this fun cat toy teaser will keep Mittens busy for hours.

Shop: Pet Life Kitty-Tease Interactive Cognitive Training Puzzle Cat Toy Tunnel Teaser, $4.99, available at JCPenney

Cat Toy Gift Idea
For the Pet Lover 
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Here’s a gift for your office bestie that’s serious about the environment. You really adore their commitment to living an eco-friendly lifestyle. This stainless steel set of straws comes in gold, so it’s pretty and an appropriate gift. Besides, it’s a 6-pack so they can keep some on their desk and take the rest to go. 

Shop: Martha Stewart Collection 6-Pc. Reusable Straw & Cleaning Brush Set, Created for Macy's, $9.99, at Macy’s 

Reusable Straws Travel Cup
For the Eco-Friendly Friend
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OK, so this isn’t a funny gift, per se, it’s just innately playful and festive. First of all, everyone who’s anyone can appreciate a phone charger. You can never have too many of those things. The fact that this one doubles as a cord of holiday lights is just the cherry on top. 

Shop: Joyland Holiday Lights Phone Charger, $12, available at Belk

Phone Charger Gift Idea
For the Jokester
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Your softie friend at work is actually one of your favorite people. They always thoughtfully listen when you have a problem and genuinely care. After work hours, you'll probably find them curled up at home with a good book. Help them add some ambiance to their space with a yummy holiday candle. 

Shop: White Barn Merry Cookie Candle, $14.50, available at Bath and Body Works

Coworker Gift Idea
For the Sensitive Soul