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10 01 2022 October Editor-s Pickv4

These scary-good Halloween couples costumes make coordinating outfits easy

Whether taking kids trick-or-treating or partying with a house full of peers, getting ready for Halloween requires a more thoughtful outfit choice than most of us allow time for. But when coordinating costumes for a couple (whether significant others, a pair of kids, or even a family member and their favorite pup), the pressure to play dress-up becomes even more complicated. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Halloween costumes to wear in pairs. Below, find timeless couple's costumes that delight and scare — and because they don’t require pop culture know-how to be recognized, each selection makes for a smart investment that can be worn year after year. For even more scary-good savings, Honey shoppers using this link can score 20% off orders on the site through October 31, 2022.

Great Grandpa Grandma Costume for Infants

Let’s face it: babies will look cute in just about anything. But dressing infant twins as an aged, mustachioed grandpa and gray-haired grandma brings on a whole new level of adorable to the mix. 

SHOP: Great Grandpa Costume for Infants, $24,99 available at SHOP: Great Grandma Costume for Infants, $24.99, available at

Couple-s Avocado Costume

For the couple who is a little extra — and always worth the splurge — this easy-to-wear costume celebrates the almighty avocado.

SHOP: Couple's Avocado Costume, $69.99, available at

Adult Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume

Some couples just go together like ... well you know. And for them, there’s no better costume to show they’re meant to be.

SHOP: Adult Peanut Butter and Jelly Costume, $39.99, available at

Fire Captain Costumes

For the hero couple that live on equal footing, these fire captain outfits make the perfect pair. Have a little one in tow? Dress them as a rescued kitten for a classic group costume that never goes out of style.

SHOP: Women's Fire Captain Plus Size Costume, $59.99, available at SHOP: Fire Captain Plus Size Men's Costume, $44.99, available at

Headless Human Costumes

For a couple of kids hellbent on showing the scarier side of the holiday, these severed head costumes are enough to freak out classmates — and maybe a few teachers, too.

SHOP: Kid's Headless Human Costume, $44.99, available at SHOP: Headless Prom Queen Girls Costume, $59.99, available at

USPS Dog Mail Carrier Costume

The TikTok videos practically create themselves when your pup comes tearing around a corner dressed as a postal carrier, priority-mail package and all. Stellar content aside, this pair of costumes is just the thing for the kid who never leaves Fido’s side (even when trick-or-treating).

SHOP: USPS Dog Mail Carrier Costume, $19.99, available at SHOP: Mail Carrier Toddler Costume, $29.99, available at

Unicorn Costumes

Made in collaboration with Posh Peanut (a brand known for its bamboo baby clothes) this cozy, three-piece costume (comprising a knit-lined jumpsuit, tutu and hood) satisfies a unicorn-obsessed siblings’ rainbow aesthetic all while keeping the little ones warm on brisk, October nights. 

SHOP: Posh Peanut Eleanor Unicorn Costume for Toddlers, $49.99, available at SHOP: Posh Peanut Eleanor Unicorn Costume for Toddlers, 39.99, available at

Couples Costume Skull Light Up Adult Mask

For those who don’t want to invest a lot of time or money into whipping up a complete Halloween look, masks offer an easy solution. This duo of light-up skull masks are instant costume makers — but terrifying, nonetheless.

SHOP: Fire Fiend Flaming Skull Mask, $19.99, available at SHOP: Red Skull Light Up Adult Mask, $29.99, available at

Couples Costume Magic Wizard Costumes

For those known to play the wallflower at parties, functional costumes can serve as a conversation piece to help more easily engage with others. Take this pair of wizard ensembles, which give off a welcoming, benevolent aura. By stocking pockets with little crystals or affirmation cards, a couple can play the energetically uplifting Merlins and surprise strangers with cool, cosmic gifts.

SHOP: Men's Magic Wizard Costume, $59.99, available at SHOP: Adult Purple Wizard Costume, $49.99, available at

Work It Out 80s Costume

An instant way to bring life to the party? Represent one of the most sartorially colorful decades in history. With Memphis Milano shapes, a banana-hued fanny pack and neon sweatbands, this pair of workout costumes embodies ‘80s to the max.

SHOP: Men's Work It Out 80s Costume, $39.99, available at SHOP: Work It Out 80s Women’s Costume, $54.99, available at

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