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Shopping Personalities

What Your Shopping Personality Says About You

Some measure their personality types by the Myers-Briggs method. Others look to astrology to help identify their defining characteristics. Both can be insightful, but when it comes to ID-ing our shopper personality types, most of the available metrics come up woefully short. That’s where we come in. After studying the types of shoppers that thrive in off-the-cuff buying, deliberative purchasing, more orderly browsing, and more, we’ve zeroed in on four types of shoppers that best thrive with our suite of shopping tools.

Is your shopping personality naturally optimized for in-app purchasing? Or is it ruled by frequenting the same familiar e-tailers time and again? Find your shopper personality, ahead, and with it, with the best money-saving tools catered to fit each one.

Shopping Archetypes

The Investigator

You’re dropped in the middle of a sample sale teeming with deeply-discounted luxury items. Do you lightly browse the space, then purchase the first few things you see? Not a chance. There are major scores to be had here, so you methodically comb through each item in order to select the very best picks for you. Your willingness to search high and low for ultimate deals not only helps you land some of your most-loved purchases, it also guarantees you haven’t missed out on some of the best bargains available.

While your patience has paid off time and again, zeroing in on the best online deals doesn’t have to be so laborious. That’s because the Honey browser extension takes the tireless ethos of your own shopping style and crunches it into an algorithm that sources coupons and discount codes at 40,000+ retailer sites in a matter of seconds. All that’s left for you to do? Click “apply coupons” from the extensions’ pop-up at checkout and boom: instant savings. Without the need to poke around third-party sites for coupon codes that are often long expired or the fear of spotting a better score just minutes after completing checkout, is there much left for the Investigator to do? Ah, contraire. As this shopper knows, the thrill of the hunt is in finding the goods, not frittering away time searching for discount codes.

Shopping Archetypes

The Loyalist

Whether it’s Nordstrom for clothing, Groupon for spa deals, or Target for just about everything else, you have your go-to sites for finding the things you love at the best prices. Sure, you could click around to other sites to find the same products offered at similar rates, but why deviate from a shopping strategy that has consistently yielded competitive bargains, excellent customer service, and/or generous return policies? It turns out loyalty doesn’t just save a bit of time or offer peace of mind; it can generate some pretty killer financial kickbacks on top of already-found savings, thanks to Honey Gold rewards program.

Here’s how it works: Honey takes some of its own earned commission generated from your visits to popular shopping sites and shares the wealth. With qualifying purchases from one of Honey’s 4,500-plus partner sites, users can rack up Honey Gold, a points-based rewards program that automatically generates up to 20% back on purchases. With every 1,000 in Honey Gold earned, shoppers are rewarded with a $10 gift card to their most-shopped sites, like Nordstrom, Target, Sephora, Groupon, Walmart, and more. No digging up a rewards card or searching the notes function in your phone to find a customer number in order to cash in with every purchase. Like with all other things Honey, Honey Gold automatically adds your points as you shop so every purchase is rewarded. Pro Tip: Look for Honey Gold Bonuses on items you add to cart — they generate even more Gold for faster rewards.

Shopping Archetypes

The Listmaker

You know when you’re going to run low on toilet paper months ahead of time. And that trip you booked to Bora Bora for next year? You’ve already thought about the wardrobe upgrade you’ll need long before you’ll pack for the trip. You’re a shopper with incredible foresight, which serves you well: According to experts, those who plan ahead save the most money.

Of course, you already have alerts set up to notify you when the price of flights takes a tumble. Now, you can do the same with just about anything you plan to buy, thanks to Honey’s price tracker tool, Droplist. Consider that distant trip to Bora Bora: After browsing swimsuits on sites like Saks Fifth Avenue, Target, and thousands more, click that “add to Droplist” button that automatically appears on your desktop screen. Whenever those items decrease in price, Honey will send you a notification by email. That means never missing a sale on an item you plan to buy — and come vacation time, more money for daiquiris in the sand.

Shopping Archetypes

The Explorer

“I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.” If your shopping style had a theme song, it would be Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings.” That’s because from the backseat of Ubers, in between meetings, and while clocking time on the elliptical, you’re snatching up some of the best shopping deals, all from your mobile phone, naturally. 

For those who don’t want to be tied down, shopping on mobile is the only way to shop. But with dicey checkouts and sites not optimized for mobile, The Explorer’s platform of choice can also be the most cumbersome. That’s why Honey developed its mobile app (available in the app store), a seamless hub for shopping your favorite stores — like J. Crew, Bath and Body Works, and almost 500 more stores. It's a digital universe that needs to be explored...all in one app. The streamlined interface means being able to toggle in between finding deals at Forever 21 and, say, Anthropologie, without having to navigate stacked browser windows or glitchy sites built for desktops. But elegance aside, the app really shines in its ability to deliver the best deals: Like with other Honey offerings, the app scours the web for any available coupons and instantly applies them. The interface also presents sale items alongside fully-priced products, so there’s no rooting around for the most deeply discounted items (which are often buried on retailers’ own sites). Turns out the Smart Shopping app doesn’t just bring order to the chaos of on-the-fly shopping, it also delivers quickest link between “I see it, I like it” and “Gee, thanks, just bought it.”

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