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Honey’s Data Collection Policies Explained

Last updated October 30, 2019

Honey’s usage of data serves a single purpose: to provide the best possible product experience that helps our users save time and money.

The Honey browser extension only collects data on shopping or subscription sites that Honey has explicitly been set up to support. This is indicated by the Honey icon lighting up in orange when a user navigates to such a site.

The extension reports back certain events to let us know when a user interacts with it or performs an action on a site that we support. These events enable core functionalities of the extension and provide information on how to improve user experience. None of the information that we collect from these events contains any personally identifiable information (PII) such as names or email addresses. Nor do we collect sensitive information such as credit card numbers, phone numbers, or passwords.

More specifically, aside from measuring our product performance, we collect information for these purposes:

  • When a user visits a web page, the extension looks at the domain to determine if it is a site that Honey supports. On supported sites, the extension relays information about the type of page it is to determine the appropriate action to take (e.g. to apply coupons).
  • We monitor the success or failure of coupon codes, and how much they saved, to improve the algorithm that determines the best coupons available.
  • We look for coupon codes that are manually entered to identify coupons we may have missed. These coupons are only shared with other users if the original user gives us explicit permission to do so.
  • On our most popular sites where we offer Honey Gold, we see user checkouts so we can compare them against transactions being reported from the affiliate networks to ensure that we get a commission. This is how Honey makes money, and we reward a portion of this revenue to our users as Honey Gold.
  • We collect general product information like price and availability so that we can power tools for our users such as price history, Droplist, and the ability to search and shop across different merchants.
  • We look at signals such as whether a user Droplisted a product or added a product to cart on supported merchant sites to create associations between users and products, helping us develop more accurate and useful product and deal recommendations.

Honey never sells any of our users’ information. Nor do we ever share it with third parties for their own use. We respect our users’ privacy, and believe the trust our users place in us is something that can never be violated.

For a full explanation of our commitments and obligations, please read our Privacy Policy at If you ever have any questions, you can always contact us at