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Know when prices
drop with Droplist
Have an item you’re interested in? Add it to Droplist. If we detect a price drop at that store, we’ll notify you. Droplist works on select stores like Amazon, Macy’s, Target, and Walmart. How easy is that?

Stay in the know.
Here’s how.

1. Add Honey to desktop
It's 100% free and secure to use.
2. Look for the button
Click “Add to Droplist” to save items at select stores.
3. Get price drop alerts
Relax. We’ll notify you if we detect a price drop.
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Add items from
800+ stores
Why limit your chances to save? Add items from some of your favorite stores. It's like a universal wish list. If you're thinking about it, add it. Because prices can always change.
Get price drop alerts fast
We’ll notify you when we detect a price drop on any of your Droplisted items. We watch prices without blinking. If it’s on your list, it’s on our watch.
Trending Droplist items
Add these popular items and leave the price tracking to us.
What our 17+ million members are saying about Droplist
Ali T.Five stars
"I shop online all the time and Honey has saved me a lot of money in the last year. It's so easy to use, just click on the icon before you check out and presto! If there's no savings at that time you can add the item to a Droplist and Honey will notify you when the price drops! It's just that easy!"

Tired of missing sales?
Add items to Droplist.