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Earn a Honey Gold Reward for products you're already buying.
All it takes is one click. And yes, it's free.
How much is my reward?
Each reward is a surprise. You can get anywhere from 0-100% back (depending on the store) from your purchase. May the odds forever be in your favor.
How's it free?
Honey gets a commission of the sale and splits that with you.
Literally passing you the savings.
Cool. Where can I get this reward from?
Honey Gold Rewards are available at thousands of stores, like Target, Walmart and Groupon. Look for this icon '' next to a store name.
Does it matter what I buy?
As of now, yes. Each store pays us differently for different products. The reward is available for most products but stuff like gift cards tend to be excluded. There's an exclusions link below every offer for you to see.
When will I get my reward?
Your Honey Gold Reward will be ready after the merchant's period of return expires, usually in about 60 days. Time flies when you're having fun. So, have some of that! We'll email you when it's ready.
Wait, so it's just one-click?
Yup. We'll appear at checkout if there's an offer. All you gotta do is click the "Find Savings!" button. You can also browse exclusive Honey Gold Rewards on our offers page.
Wanna know more about our rewards program? Check our FAQ.
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